Reading, and all kinds of self-guided education, can be an impactful complement to therapy. Therapy sessions tend to focus on specific solutions and interventions, designed to create change in alignment with personal challenges and goals.

By reading independently about the topics they’re working through in therapy, clients can reach a deeper understanding of both the concerns they’re addressing, and the processes they’re using to deal with them.

Having this context and information can be incredibly empowering. At Shoreline Counselling, we’ve experienced how helpful it can be for clients to have the knowledge to identify what their challenges are, and to understand the techniques and approaches that are being engaged.

Some of the books recommended below will offer more information about your therapist’s approach and why they make the choices they do in session. Others will complement your therapeutic work by offering new frameworks and insights. Education — both in and outside of therapy — supports the process of change.

Book suggestions from Shoreline counsellors

In today’s post, we are sharing some exceptional books around important topics like grief, anxiety, and trauma. These recommendations are meant to get you started, and act as a jumping-off point for your own reading and research.

Once you find a book you connect with, you’ll often uncover a trail of other authors and titles to follow that were referenced within it. Happy reading!


body keeps score book
boy raised by dog book

Anxiety and Depression

not always depression
living like you mean it

Personal growth and development

women rose rooted book
seven ways to listen book
sublt art of not giving a book

Relationships and sexuality

hold me tight book
wired for love book


spirit book
wild mercy book

Grief and end of life

bearing the unbearable book
acts of love book
table wisdom book


child brain book

Fun reads

group therapy book

Books, education, and therapy for personal healing

This list should provide a great starting point as you begin learning about whatever challenges you face. Whether you are working to overcome depression or childhood trauma, or simply seeking greater personal growth, we’re confident you will find something here.

If you are not a current client but curious about what we offer at Shoreline Counselling, we invite you to reach out to us. We are fortunate to have a large enough team of talented Registered Clinical Counsellors, which likely includes someone who specializes in whatever concerns you would like to explore. You can reach us at our Fort Langley or Vancouver office to discuss how our services could work for you.

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