A webinar series for learning skills to overcome the effects of trauma

Led by Arianna Brucar and Katelin Knapp

TIME Thursdays @ 7pm
DATE Beginning Thursday May 7th on Instagram

In this classroom-style webinar series, we will highlight basic principles of how trauma works in the body and how this might affect you in your day to day life. Trauma can be any psychological injury that stems from a distressing event which overwhelms a person’s ability to cope with, or integrate, the emotions and stress of what is taking place. Trauma can have profound impacts on emotional wellbeing, and day-to-day functioning. Identifying whether a trauma occurred is not always clear; many people experiencing the impact of trauma may notice symptoms, but not be familiar with a particular event that caused it. People might notice a range of symptoms, including severe anxiety or depression, recurring thoughts, intense emotions, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, sleep disruptions, among others. While the impacts of trauma are diverse and unique to the individual, there are some foundational skills that can help soothe and regulate the body’s strong responses, and support coping and healing. The teaching of these skills will be our main focus of this webinar series.

While the concept of trauma might sound very daunting, we as facilitators are committed to bringing a casual and normalizing presence to this otherwise intimidating material. We’re going to take it slow and encourage you to care for yourself along the way in whatever way feels right for you. Please join us for this community-style conversation by tuning into the Shoreline Counselling Instagram page at 7 pm every Thursday starting May 7th, 2020.