Into the heart of Parenting: An In-person group for parents

Led by Chelly Keller and Kai Schindel

DATE Tuesdays 6:30 – 8, September 26 – November 7
COST $80/session per family

This Group will focus on:

  • The foundations of attachment theory & relationship-focused connections
  • Identifying stuck pointsin supporting children (what behaviours or emotions make your “blood boil” or bring up fear?)
  • Practical tools and insight to become unstuck and self-soothe our own activated attachment systems and nervous systems
  • Meeting the need of a child’s emotions (i.e. need behind anger,sadness, etc.)
  • Practical tools for supporting a child’s emotions & behaviours through the power of attachment, validation and boundary setting
  • Normalizing mistakes along the way & providing a relationship focused framework on what to do when you mess up