Healing from Trauma:
A Life Review Weekend Intensive

Led by Laura Bull and Stephanie Davis

DATE May 24-26 |  Friday 6 – 9pm, Saturday 9 – 5pm, Sunday 9 – 5pm.
COST $925 +GST

The intensive weekend group is designed for individuals navigating major life transitions such as: changes in significant relationships, changes in employment, education or any other life circumstance with the intention of healing and growing from past experiences through sharing their stories with others, undoing aloneness and learning tools for building resilience and regulation.

Participants will write a summary of significant life events that have contributed to their current challenges which they will share with the group, if they so choose.  The group setting offers objective, supportive and encouraging feedback with the aim of providing participants with a deeper sense of awareness, confidence and direction for moving forward.

For more information or to inquire about attending please book an intake call for the group through the front desk or your therapist.