Led by Graeme Geddes and Mark Giesbrecht

DATE Thursday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm | April 13th to May 18th
COST $80 for the full 6 week group

This group is designed to facilitate meaningful connection between men and help them gain insight into their relational patterns. The process-oriented format will allow members to directly provide feedback to one another, and in doing so, practice openness and honest communication. Our goal is for every member to leave the experience with increased confidence about building and maintaining relationships.

Graeme’s Bio: Graeme Geddes is currently in the last class of his Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, and is a Clinical Fellow at Shoreline Counselling. He is passionate about helping people see their value and go through the hard work of overcoming shame and self-doubt. He has been a participant in process groups in the past and found the experience to be both enlightening and energizing. He also has experience leading psycho-education groups as well as process groups: these involved topics such as grief, self regulation, and acceptance.

Mark’s Bio: Mark is a clinical fellow at Shoreline Counselling in Langley. Much of his work is focused on helping men develop new relational skills, explore patterns of being, and renew their connection with themselves and their values. He’s also seen how this work can foster deeper connection with their loved ones. Mark has previously run groups on mindfulness and connecting with others, and is excited to combine his passion for helping others develop relational skills with his experience in group work.