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Mark Giesbrecht, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Our lives are rich with information and emotion. These factors deserve a space to be acknowledged and explored. I believe we use all of this information and emotion to learn lessons that teach us the best ways we can meet our needs of survival, belonging, meaning, freedom and fun! Unfortunately, these lessons can sometimes backfire; causing suffering, rather than alleviating it. I hope to hold a compassionate space where we can accept the purposes of our behaviours, while challenging ourselves to pursue new, more pleasant ways of being. Our culture does not always encourage the acceptance and compassion I believe we need for ourselves. Our therapy space can be one in which we can slow down, feel compassion for ourselves, and make meaningful changes towards the goals you put forward.

Like any relationship, we will start by getting to know one another. Each of us has unique histories, goals, and present moments. I hope I can enter your world in a way that respects and appreciates your goals and desires so that we can mend your current pains and work to minimize future ones.

The process of counselling is one I continue to enjoy more and more, year after year. I look forward to meeting you and coming alongside your journey of growth.

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