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Mark Giesbrecht, M.A. Student

Clinical Intern

If you are reading this, you have already taken a step forward in the process of healing. I await the opportunity to work together to fulfill your goals.

I am grateful to have lived in this region my entire life and have experienced some of the challenges our fast-paced, ever-changing culture creates. The cultural mandate to work more and rest less takes its toll on our communities, connections and capacity for self-care. As a result, I have a passion for supporting and walking alongside others who may feel alone or disconnected from the world around them. My first hand experience traversing the cultural challenges imposed by our society have taught me the importance of seeking support even amidst the pressure to conform.

My desire to pursue counselling was fostered by my years of experience working in Vancouver’s Downtown East side. On these streets, I witnessed both pain and suffering, and beauty and kindness in the connections between people. It taught me that even in people’s greatest moments of struggle, transformation can emerge unexpectedly, and I hope to support my clients in finding their own beauty amidst the pain and suffering of their experiences.

The experience of counselling is complex and valuable, and I want to join you on your journey of healing.

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