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Maggie Thompson, MCP, RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

“As a therapist, I am a companion. I try to help people tune into their own wisdom.” – Virginia Satir

My Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology undergraduate studies has immensely informed my approach to counselling. I often get asked, why the switch from physical to mental health? The truth is that I do not believe I ever really switched as much as I expanded. I consider the approach to both domains very similar and incredibly compatible. As a former exercise practitioner, I was deeply oriented to people’s experience first and and attuning to what allowed them to feel safe to move their body. By focusing on a therapeutic alliance grounded in non-judgement, empathy and compassion, I often would witness transformational physical change. It taught me this. People have the capacity to change when they are met in a genuine space of connection, shared humanity and deep unconditional acceptance, no matter the type of change they may be seeking. Further, my rooted orientation towards the study of the human movement lends itself well to my personal counselling approach that includes integrating the body and neurobiology into my practice.

Prior to completing my Master of Counselling Psychology at Adler University, I hold a decade of extensive rehabilitation experience working with a diverse range of clients with mental and physical health challenges that have included musculoskeletal injuries, persistent pain, chronic health conditions, post-cancer, brain injury, grief, depression, anxiety and trauma. Working in a vocational rehabilitation setting in exercise, regional leadership, and disability management roles has afforded many opportunities to learn and collaborate alongside various skilled healthcare practitioners. I am grateful my professional experience has provided me with substantial knowledge to the spectrum of care available and inspire my holistic and evidence-based approach to therapy.

I acknowledge counselling can feel extremely vulnerable and daunting for those seeking to better understand their current experience. I believe that every single person has innate capacity to move through life’s challenges and become who they are intended to be. I also know everything you need is already within you. Using a relational, trauma-informed and anti-oppressive framework, I draw from systemic, somatic and emotionally focused therapies that connect you to your body’s inner wisdom, bring awareness to your attachment patterns and foster a contextual understanding to your experience.

James Hollis suggested that symptoms are expressions of desire for healing, and one must understand the wound they represent. I consider it a privileged honour to work alongside you as we gently explore those wounds with the utmost tenderness and care. I endeavour to hold an authentic and non-judgmental space where you can be met in your full expression of self at any stage you are at in your journey. I look forward to sitting and connecting with you soon.

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