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Graeme Geddes, MA Student

Clinical Fellow

All of us have walls up in one way or another. Some of these walls are known to us: they come up as a result of trauma, or from hurt, or a broken heart. Other walls are invisible to us: they come up because we are rejected by our peers, or because we experience conditional love from our parents. Many of my own personal walls were put up because I thought that I wouldn’t be loved by others if I showed them my true self. All of these walls exist because at some point, they were protecting us from something. But as we move through life, some walls begin limiting us, even as they continue to protect us. I see counselling as an opportunity to find these walls, and experiment safely with moving past them to see what is on the other side. Removing these barriers doesn’t change who we are; rather, it allows us to discover ourselves in a deeper and more meaningful way. My goal in counselling is to empower you to explore your limits and find greater freedom if you choose to expand them.

Sometimes in counselling, we have to challenge ourselves, and that can be really hard – but I believe that deeply trusting one another is the best way to create a safe place to face these challenges together. As a result of these views, my approach to counselling is very gentle and collaborative. I work mainly from a person-centered framework, meaning that warmth, compassion, and trust are cornerstones of all of my therapy. I also utilize elements of Gestalt therapy, as I believe in the healing power of confronting issues from the past in the here-and-now. However, I ultimately try to tailor therapy to suit each client that I work with. No counsellor is a great fit for every client, but I want to honour your bravery in coming to therapy by trying my best to find an approach that works for you.

I am currently completing my MA in Counseling Psychology at Trinity Western University, which is also where I got my Bachelor’s degree in psychology. After graduating from TWU in 2018, I spent several years working primarily with children and adults living with disabilities. These experiences taught me that showing respect and compassion for all people is important, both personally and professionally; those values remain very close to my heart.

I’ve also lived in a few different cultures throughout my life: I grew up in central Europe before moving to Canada, and have lived in Africa for a time as well. Living in those cultures showed me that there is a beauty in our differences, between people and between nations. But what has stuck with me most during those transitions isn’t how different we are – it’s that, deep down, we all really just want to be accepted. My hope as a counsellor is that I will be able to show you that you are accepted, right now, just the way you are.

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