Daniel Munns, M.A. Candidate

Clinical Intern

A true blue Vancouverite born-and-bred in the mid 70s to a family of medical practitioners, I always knew I would be in the healing arts one way or another.

I have spent the last eighteen years working on understanding and providing wellbeing through the interconnected healing modalities in counselling, mindfulness, yoga and somatic therapies. My pursuit of the truth of holistic healing started in yoga and breath work, leading me to living and working in Asia, studying the effects of meditation and body awareness on the mind. Over time, I knew with unshakable clarity that therapy can heal the mind and body, simultaneously.

I found that therapy can work alongside Western medicine as I became qualified in providing yoga therapy specifically for cancer patients, where the focus was to offer a better quality of life and the alleviation of chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other associated mood disorders.

Through my group work with men at The Mankind Project, I saw how brotherhood and community can heal deep wounds just by creating an authentic and safe space for a healthy reflection and communication of our inner lives, emotions, and narratives often left painfully unexpressed.

At temporary shelters, I’ve worked one-on-one with homeless and at-risk individuals. There, we offered warm meals and trauma-informed support. I realized how engaged listening and empathy can build trust, hope, and faith in oneself for those who may feel all is lost.

In my volunteer work with adolescents with special needs, it wasn’t talk therapy, but sport, recreation, and expressive play-based therapy that worked wonders. I experienced firsthand how relational healing with undivided presence can breathe life into us, empower us, and lift us.

People matter. We are social, interdependent beings. I know parts of our fragmented wholes can be reconciled through interrelational and somatic healing. You innately have what it takes to heal your mind and body. I am here to provide safety and support, to remain free from any judgement, and to participate in full presence with what you feel comfortable in sharing with me.

The shift we are experiencing now is the birth of a holistic, interdisciplinary approach that integrates your mind and body. This healing process — through embodied awareness — is accessible to every single one of us. I’m currently completing my Masters of Counselling at City University of Seattle in Canada (Vancouver), and as one of Shoreline’s clinical interns, I welcome you to contact Shoreline to book your first session with me as you begin your healing journey.

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