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Chelly Keller, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

As human beings a necessary process for all of us is to learn what our emotions are and what they need (if that’s not a classic counselor answer I don’t know what is).

But in all honesty, when we deny our emotions we begin a process of detaching from parts of ourselves; we loose important information on what we need and perhaps have difficultly understanding what others need. Learning to lean in and feel, and build our emotional competency serves not only our nervous systems but also serves the relationships closest to us. It’s always my hope to help my clients feel, whether new or old emotions, and to facilitate healing through the therapeutic relationship and interventions trained in.

Trained modalities

  • Emotion focused family therapy (EFFT)
  • EMDR
  • OEI (level 1 and 2)
  • Satir
  • CBT

I have been in the counseling field since 2013, passionately walking with families, children and youth through the beautiful and messy process of healing. Where I come most alive is working with parents in supporting their loved one with a mental health struggle. Being a parent myself to three children, I have grown such compassion for parents in my practice. It can be an overwhelming responsibility and at times, a fear based journey in raising humans. And yet it’s become my passion to advocate that parents are NOT to blame for the mental health struggle in their child, but they are the way out and offer the healing power necessary for the interruption of symptoms of anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns, etc. I work collaboratively with parents using an Emotion Focused Family therapy lens, to identify their “blocks” (fear, shame, helplessness) and to shift these. This can empower parents to lead their child with emotional attunement and confident limit setting.

Whether your story of pain is found in your experience of parenting or in other chapters of life, know you’re not meant to be in that pain alone. So let’s undo that aloneness and get you unblocked and building a life worth living

I offer individual sessions and parent sessions

Chelly Keller, MA, RCC

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