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Angelica Columbus, M.A. Student

Clinical Intern

To meet someone new in a therapy room is not always an easy decision, or at the very least comes with a bit of uncertainty. And yet, here you are – whatever the reason that brought you to counselling, I’m grateful to meet you here. My hope in writing this is to share a little about me as the person who is a counsellor, and what I believe counselling to be all about.
Human beings are wonderfully adaptive, our bodies and minds can adapt in ways we don’t even realize. When we are exposed to stress, pain, trauma, or whatever our difficult circumstances may be, we adapt, doing our very best with what we have. These circumstances can create
experiences of depression, anxiety and uncertainty that can be overwhelming and lonely when we feel alone in them. I believe that while we may become used to coping alone, not always by choice, we do not deserve to do it alone, nor are we meant to.
Reaching out for support can be hard if it feels like a weakness, or a shortcoming – I have felt this way many times in my life. However, in my own journey, I have come to know that the opposite is true. I believe the vulnerability involved in sharing our fears, pain and even hopes or dreams helps us connect back to the inner power we all possess. Our work together involves building on the unique inner resources and strengths that are already there and discovering new practical tools to take away from our sessions. While the work of healing or personal growth may feel daunting at first, I am committed to walk alongside you each step of the way, without judgement.
Overall, I take a holistic approach to understanding human experience and healing that places the person first. This means we work together to find what fits best individually. Counselling can look like traditional psychotherapy in which I take an attachment-based approach and often use elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I also deeply value the integration of nature and movement-based interventions where suited, and believe in the healing power of laughter, joy, and human connection wherever we may find glimmers of it.

The areas I have particular experience and passion for supporting are:

  • anxiety
  • addiction recovery, for both a person who has or is experiencing addiction, and friends or family members
  • men’s mental health, which I have pursued for several years in formal research but was drawn here from witnessing the burden that so many men silently carry
  • family separation and adjustment

Outside of the counselling room you will find that my philosophy mirrors my approach to counselling. It is heavily influenced by a shift towards more eastern practices in Zen and yoga that I discovered in my own ongoing personal growth journey. I am a professional, but a person first, who believes in the importance of creativity, fun and adventure, preferably outdoors with my dog Pascoe. I truly look forward to meeting and getting to know the person that you are.

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