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Amanda Murphy, MC, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Prior to completing my Master’s Degree in Counselling, I worked in the mental health field for fifteen years supporting victims and survivors of crime or traumatic events. I was consistently humbled by the incredible resilience that I witnessed during these years. Eventually I began to recognize that the healing journey extended far beyond the scope of my interactions with individuals in crisis.

This inspired me to pursue a degree in counselling so that I could walk alongside clients during a new part of the healing journey.

I have come to learn that a strong therapeutic relationship can be one of the most powerful catalysts for change and personal growth. My focus is on connection and safety first and foremost. I feel that we are all so connected to everyone and everything, all the time, yet we have become terribly disconnected from those around us, and even disconnected from ourselves. Creating a safe connection in counselling offers a secure foundation from which to collaborate and navigate life’s challenges.

My therapeutic approach is holistic, relational, and client-focused, and seeks to address both immediate and long-standing concerns. I believe that cultivating self-compassion and empowerment around significant life events can lead to new insights and understanding, and can provide relief from painful or difficult emotions.

I look forward to meeting you at any stage of your journey.

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