Stephanie Davis, MEd, RCC-ACS, ACC
Stephanie Davis, MEd, RCC-ACS, ACCRegistered Clinical Counsellor - Approved Clinical Supervisor & Certified Organizational Coach

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

I spend a lot of time thinking about change. What inspires people to make changes in their lives? What stands in their way? How do we know when it is time for change? How do we as a society value and make meaning from the changes happening all around us? How does an ever-changing world both open and limit possibilities?

My practice is an integration of my clinical and coaching
training and experience.

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Laura Bull, M.A, RCC-ACS
Laura Bull, M.A, RCC-ACSRegistered Clinical Counsellor-Approved Clinical Supervisor

Fort Langley location

I’ve been working in private practice since 2010 and in the thousands of stories I have sat with, one of the most resounding themes is the wisdom of the human spirit, the wisdom that calls our attention to the truth that: there must be more than this. There is more. Whether it be chronic stress, unbearable loneliness, relational conflict, the unresolved wounds of the past or mental health challenges…

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Arianna Dotan, M.A, RCC
Arianna Dotan, M.A, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

I am motivated to understand and relate to people from all walks of life. I welcome individual, couples, as well as family counselling as I seek to support all of my clients in their journey of self-reflection and healing through fostering a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship while incorporating empathy, genuineness, reliability, and unconditional positive regard. I have been working in the mental health field since 2014 and volunteered for many years with CHIMO Crisis Line where I had to…

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Amanda Murphy, MC, RCC
Amanda Murphy, MC, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

Prior to completing my Master’s Degree in Counselling, I worked in the mental health field for fifteen years supporting victims and survivors of crime or traumatic events. I was consistently humbled by the incredible resilience that I witnessed during these years. Eventually I began to recognize that the healing journey extended far beyond the scope of my interactions with individuals in crisis.

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Katelin Knapp, M.A, RCC
Katelin Knapp, M.A, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

Emotional wounds most often involve relationships with others, yet the impact of these wounds leave us with an immense sense of aloneness. The relationship between therapist and client is an emotionally healing and profoundly meaningful agent of change. Therefore, it is my greatest privilege to walk alongside my clients through their painful feelings in a connected and safe environment of support and growth. This is the foundation of my work.

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Amber Mercer, MA, RCC
Amber Mercer, MA, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

As a fellow human being I am intimately acquainted with my own experiences of pain. As a therapist my heart is to accompany others so that they may not have to walk through their pain alone, as this often compounds the suffering that is endured.

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Kai Schindel, MA, RCC, CCC
Kai Schindel, MA, RCC, CCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

I’m passionate about walking alongside people in the midst of their challenges. I believe that it takes a lot of strength and courage to step foot into a counselling office. Due to that belief, I work hard at creating an environment where each person feels comfortable to be their unique selves. When individuals are given this opportunity I believe that everyone has the capacity to create change and live the life they have always wanted.

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Chelly Keller, MA, RCC*
Chelly Keller, MA, RCC*Registered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

As human beings a necessary process for all of us is to learn what our emotions are and what they need (if that’s not a classic counselor answer I don’t know what is).

But in all honesty, when we deny our emotions we begin a process of detaching from parts of ourselves; we loose important information on what we need and perhaps have difficultly understanding what others need. Learning to lean in and feel, and build our emotional competency serves not only our nervous systems but also serves the relationships closest to us. It’s always my hope to help my clients feel, whether new or old emotions, and to facilitate healing through the therapeutic relationship and interventions trained in.

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Brittany Hoffmann, MA, RCC
Brittany Hoffmann, MA, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Online only

Counselling can be a life changing process, one that some of us put off for many years. Whether counselling is something that has been on your mind for a while, or it is a crisis situation that brings you in, I look forward to meeting you and walking with you on your journey. At this time I am working exclusively online.

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Alexandra Torrie, M.Ed, CCC, RCC
Alexandra Torrie, M.Ed, CCC, RCCCanadian Certified Counsellor

Online only

I have always enjoyed connecting with and learning from others. This has driven my passion for mental health support for many years. Prior to completing my degree, I frequently sought out work and volunteer positions that involved supporting others. During all of these experiences I was honoured to hear about and witness the strength and resilience of others and support someone in part of their life journey. This path eventually led me to do my Master of Education in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Toronto.

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Daniel Munns, MA, RCC
Daniel Munns, MA, RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Vancouver and Fort Langley location

I have spent the last twenty years working on understanding and providing wellbeing through the interconnected healing modalities in counselling, mindfulness, yoga and somatic therapies. My pursuit of the truth of holistic healing started in yoga and breath work, leading me to living and working in Asia, studying the effects of meditation and body awareness on the mind.

I found that movement based therapy can work alongside Western medicine as I became qualified in providing yoga therapy specifically for cancer patients, where the focus was to help create a better quality of life and the alleviation of chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other challenges.

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Maggie Thompson, MCP, RCC, CCC
Maggie Thompson, MCP, RCC, CCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

My Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology undergraduate studies has immensely informed my approach to counselling. I often get asked, why the switch from physical to mental health? The truth is that I do not believe I ever really switched as much as I expanded. I consider the approach to both domains very similar and incredibly compatible. As a former exercise practitioner, I was deeply oriented to people’s experience first and and attuning to what allowed them to feel safe to move their body.

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Nikolina Rikert, M.A. RCC
Nikolina Rikert, M.A. RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley Location

My own journey with mental health began when we found out my mom had cancer. Feeling lost and alone, I realized that regardless of the situation, many people go through life feeling similarly and yearn for the desire of connection and being seen by others. I am honored to be present and a part of this journey that we all go through as fellow humans.

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Millie Batta, M.Ed., RCC
Millie Batta, M.Ed., RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley and Vancouver location

Hello! My name is Millie Batta (she/her) and I am a clinical fellow at Shoreline Counselling. Going to counselling is much like taking a road trip. You are the driver and I am the passenger in the front seat. As the passenger, I provide directions and help you navigate life’s challenges, but ultimately you are behind the wheel and decide the road we take. It would be an honour to be able to support you on this journey to growth and healing.

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Lisa Wahl, M.Ed., RCC, CCC
Lisa Wahl, M.Ed., RCC, CCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology followed by my master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University and I continue my education and training as a lifelong learner. Before becoming a counsellor, my volunteer and work experience at the crisis center, in the homeless community, as a corporate sales trainer, and raising three children, I saw first-hand the positive impact a guiding, supportive, empathic voice can be in others’ lives. The transformations I witnessed through these experiences are what motivated me to pursue my dream of becoming a counsellor.

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Mark Giesbrecht, M.A. RCC
Mark Giesbrecht, M.A. RCCRegistered Clinical Counsellor

Fort Langley location

Our lives are rich with information and emotion. These factors deserve a space to be acknowledged and explored. I believe we use all of this information and emotion to learn lessons that teach us the best ways we can meet our needs of survival, belonging, meaning, freedom and fun! Unfortunately, these lessons can sometimes backfire; causing suffering, rather than alleviating it. I hope to hold a compassionate space where we can accept the purposes of our behaviours, while challenging ourselves to pursue new, more pleasant ways of being. Our culture does not always encourage the acceptance and compassion I believe we need for ourselves. Our therapy space can be one in which we can slow down, feel compassion for ourselves, and make meaningful changes towards the goals you put forward.

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Mariah Kingston, MA RCC
Mariah Kingston, MA RCCPostgraduate Clinical Fellow

Fort Langley location

My name is Mariah (she/her), and I am a clinical fellow at Shoreline Counselling. I recently completed my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University. I have been working in the mental health field for 10 years in a variety of capacities such as mental health outreach, victim services, youth work and support work for neurodivergent children.

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Maggie Fraser, MA RCC
Maggie Fraser, MA RCCPost-graduate Clinical Fellow

Fort Langley location

Prior to working towards my Master’s in Counselling Psychology, my previous education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Human Ecology in Family Social Sciences both from the University of Manitoba. I took a break from my professional work when I had my kids, I have spent the last 9 years building our new community in British Columbia, raising my kids with the same skills that I apply in my practice, and returning to education in counselling with the clear intentions of supporting and guiding you in your own path for self-discovery.

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Michelle Hubble, MA Student
Michelle Hubble, MA StudentClinical Intern

Fort Langley location

My name is Michelle, and I am a clinic intern at Shoreline. I feel very passionate about providing a safe and compassionate space for individuals to explore their inner worlds and emotions. I am currently in my masters of Counselling Psychology at SFU, and have worked in various mental health and support positions for 8 years. I feel honored to be able to walk alongside individuals in their healing journey and commend the courage it takes to start that process.

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Melissa Kramer, MA Student
Melissa Kramer, MA StudentClinical Intern

Fort Langley location

It was no surprise to anyone in my life when I chose a career in counselling. From an early age, I have loved listening to people’s life stories, providing a supportive ear, and an understanding that they are not alone through life’s ups and downs. I genuinely enjoy sitting in the chair across from people and holding space for them. I view the relationship between client and therapist as collaborative, non-judgemental and empathetic. Vulnerability can feel hard and intimidating, I strive to create a space where we can normalize talking about all aspects of a person’s life with compassion and understanding.

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Tina Li, M.A. Student
Tina Li, M.A. StudentClinical Intern

Fort Langley location

Welcome! My name is Tina (she/her) and I am a clinical intern at Shoreline. I have a Bachelors in Behavioural Neuroscience at UBC and am currently completing my masters in counselling at City University of Seattle in Canada. Prior to my schooling, I have 3 years’ experience working as a crisis service responder, providing immediate emotional support to individuals in crises and with suicidal ideation. I am also well-versed with local resources having worked as a community resource specialist at a non-profit information centre.

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Angelica Columbus, M.A. Student
Angelica Columbus, M.A. StudentClinical Intern

Fort Langley location

To meet someone new in a therapy room is not always an easy decision, or at the very least comes with a bit of uncertainty. And yet, here you are – whatever the reason that brought you to counselling, I’m grateful to meet you here. My hope in writing this is to share a little about me as the person who is a counsellor, and what I believe counselling to be all about.

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