The pillars of Shoreline Counselling: transparency, authenticity and community are represented in the design of the office.

The glass in the walls promotes the importance of transparency, accountability and truth. This means that everyone who enters our space is informed about the process, asked to consent to each step along the way and is respected in their choices.

Authenticity is in the walls. Under many layers of drywall and insulation (to ensure soundproofing) are the words, quotes and poems that capture and encompass the human to human connection that inspired the birth of Shoreline Counselling.

The design of our group room reflects our priority to engage with the local community through seminars, group counselling, and training opportunities. Community is formed by recognizing we have more in common with each other than we realize and Shoreline Counselling provides a space to connect and discover that we are not as alone as we thought.


Located in historic and quaint Fort Langley, Shoreline Counselling embodies the heart, beauty and peace of the surrounding area. The town of Fort Langley is ever changing and we feel a responsibility to honour the history and story of the town while welcoming the diversity that is emerging.

While we recognize that coming to counselling can be a daunting experience, we believe that you will find a sense of ease as you step into our office and encounter the balance of clinical expertise and a welcoming atmosphere.